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Our Mission

Welcome to FitNOW Club. My name is Mladenko Karac also known as Mike. I have passion for health and fitness. In early 2014, I started a small Boot Camp class in the heart of St. Pete at Crescent Lake Park right off of 22nd Avenue between 4th Street and MLK. In April 2014, a new idea was born and I founded FitNOW Club. The idea expanded from a small class to the online community bringing like-minded people of all ages to the same place. I am dedicated to helping people achieve their true health and fitness through the power of exercise and balanced nutrition…


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How To Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

The truth is there are many reasons you might have struggled to lose weight in the past and you probably fall into one or more of these categories:

1. You’re getting wrong information about weight loss and weight gain.

2. You’re suffering from “Cellular Inflammation”.

3. You’re counting calories or focusing on the “eat less; exercise more” mantra that the medical
community has been brainwashing us with for decades.

4. You’re not seeing results for your effort. You jump from one diet to the next, hoping something will eventually work.

5. You lack the right plan. A good plan is easy to follow, personalized and from an up to date expert
who understands the mechanisms behind rapid weight loss.
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